should be no more than a week! It's gonna be somethin else I'll tell you what, more improvising than the first one, maybe better? that's for you to decide, stay tuned !!

Just put out a new cartoon. It was the LONGEST and HARDEST one yet. Hopefully part of a series, we will see what the future holds. Just watch it just give it a CHANCE it deserves at least a chance.



Get your Griddle fresh shit

2015-09-23 16:08:16 by combatwhale

I am cooking up something that is HOT, it's gonna be FRESH, and TASTY. My longest, and hopefully best animation to date. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and stay put, new animation that's going to hopefully be part of a series should be coming out sooooooon. 

Stay fresh, cats

New animations!

2015-07-01 18:25:21 by combatwhale

What's this you ask?! I made a new animation and it's on my chanel check it out!

A new adventure is coming soon!

2014-04-09 10:59:11 by combatwhale

An original cartoon?  A new adventure? Stay tuned!